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We have been

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on Emerging Technology (IoT and OTT)
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We Design, Develop and Manufacture of

IoT & Digital Devices

within the border of Bangladesh
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A brief history
about our company

DMA - Datasoft Manufacturing and Assembly Inc. Limited is a company incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1994 and has its Corporate Head quarter at Rupayan Shelford (14 Floor), 23/6, Mirpur Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207 represented by, Hasan Rahman (Ratan) as Managing Director and freedom fighter Mahboob Zaman as the Chairman, who is also the Founder of Datasoft Systems Bangladesh.

DMA as a privately incorporated company provides ICT products (both Software & Hardware) and ICT innovative solutions, which include but are not limited to the Design & Development of IT Cloud based Hardware/Software applications along specializes in IT manufacturing using innovative solutions to produce - Made in Bangladesh products. These are not limited to NFC/BLE Card-based Auto Payment system as per the guidelines of Bangladesh Bank or GPS location tracking system, or automated sensors based gate open/close, or sensing vehicles from a distance to auto-debit or other features of payment gateways. DMA also designs & manufactures computers (e.g. Laptops, Tablets, AIO, miniPC, GSM, IoT Devices, etc.), Bio-Medical Equipment, GSM Modem, Data-loggers, and Electronic Devices & Sensors in collaboration with local and international companies.

DMA is an innovative IT/ITES-enabled Digital Device Manufacturing Company established in 2017. DMA is also involved in the Installation & Implementation of large, medium, and small scales Cloud-based Information and communication solutions. We are also a manufacturer of computers (e.g. Laptops, Tablets, AIO, miniPC, GSM, IoT Devices, etc.), Bio-Medical Equipment, GSM Modem, Data-loggers, and Electronic Devices & Sensors in collaboration with local and international companies.

DMA has its manufacturing & assembly factory at the Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City in Kaliakair, which is near Dhaka city to build Made in Bangladesh products. DMA has a world-renowned and highly qualified team of scientists and engineers for its R&D who are actively involved in the project and constantly develop innovative and new products for Bangladesh and the global market. We also work in collaboration with partners, scientists, and engineers, aiming to enable the nation technologically capable enough and reduce over-dependence on the overseas market for IT equipment and earn a significant amount of foreign currency to accelerate the growth of the country.

We have been selected as the best ICT Company by ASOCIO, an ICT federation based in Japan.

Mahboob Zaman

Mr. Zaman was a valiant freedom fighter during the Bangladesh Liberation war in 1971. He has been recognized as one of the pioneer entrepreneurs in the software industry as a founder of DataSoft systems Bangladesh back in 1998 and DMA - Datasoft Manufacturing & Assembly in 2017.

He is a true leader and visionary and he has led a team to the global forefront to build up the name of Bangladesh as one of the upcoming countries in the field of Information Technology. His business specializes in Port and Logistics Management, Banking & Micro Finance, Bioinformatics, and Outsourcing. Over the years his hard work earned DataSoft to joint venture contracts with USA, Germany, UK, Denmark, Japan & Italy.

Hasan Rahman Ratan
__Managing Director

Hasan Rahman (Ratan) is the Managing Director and co-founder of DMA, where he leads DMA’s day-to-day operations, as well as provides company products & services innovative in design, development, and technology strategy.

Hasan Rahman was educated in the USA, with over 32 years of work experience in the USA at Johnson Space Center, NASA. He has worked on space-bound hardware, highly secured and sophisticated software with database applications, cyber security & IT security implementation, system & networking design, and is very much involved in managing programs & projects.

Dil Afroz Begum
__Director, Admin & Human Resource

Dil Afroz Begum is Director of Administration and HR of DMA since its foundation. She is responsible for overseeing the overall finance function of DMA, driving business growth and profitability and developing corporate strategies. Her mission is to continuously build an organization that provides industry best IT Professionals, broad range of technology services and flexible delivery models to the global software development industry so that they get more out of their IT Investments and with greater speed.

Masuda Bhatti
__Executive Director

Masuda Bhatti is an Executive Director and she is in charge of DMA's strategic planning. She collaborates with the board of Directors to identify, recruit, train and develop a talented team of employees. She monitors company operations and ensure employees and business practices comply with regulatory and legal requirements. She identifies potential risks opportunities within DMA. Also she identifies potential sources of investment and organizes fund raising efforts. She represents the company at social and corporate events in ways that strengthen the brand and communicate the company's messages.

Zakaria Alam
__Department Head, Accounts & Finance

Zakaria Alam is a professional in the area of accounts, finance, administration, TAX, VAT.He is a Member of Accounting Alumni Association of Jagannath University.He has completed Masters in Accounting & Information Systems ( AIS ) from Jagannath University. He is responsible for general accounting and management for finance. He has completed VAT manager Training with all settlements with Tax Circle, VAT Commissionerate Office, NBR and RJSC. His mission is to deal with bank for project finance, term loan, time loan, LTR, Bank CC etc. with good relation with banking and government officials. He is expert in Oracle SAP ERP, QuickBooks (Online/PC based) and Tally ERP. He can develop any accounting Software or Chart of Accounts as per management requirement.

Our Mission

  • To become the leading innovator of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for national clients
  • To employ young minds in engineering and manufacturing of hardware and software solutions
  • To create technological solutions that raise productivity, efficiency and save time
  • To integrate Digital Devices and IoT manufacturing in creating business solutions

Our Vision

  • Design, Develop and Manufacture of IoT & Digital Devices within the border of Bangladesh
  • Introducing cutting edge technologies to take a leap forward to industry 4.0
  • To create employment opportunity for skilled labor resources local and engineers


We have been selected as best ICT Company by ASOCIO, an ICT federation based in Japan. Our Fluid Management raised the efficiency of the Water Supply & Sewerage Authority in Dhaka (DWASA). We are the first Company to provide Smart Home solutions in Bangladesh. Our Ship tracking solutions have been used by differnt organizations to get ship's current location by using mobile app. Laptops and Computers manufactured by DMA are used by large organizations such as Banks and Schools.









DMA manufactures computers (e.g Laptops, Tablets, AiO, miniPC, etc.) DMA is one of the first companies in Bangladesh to start the Hi-Tech assembly of laptops, and computers


DMA produces IoT/SCADA systems for different Vertical Market, where real-time monitoring, analytics, and notification can help to increase the efficiency rate and eliminate wastages.


We also manufacture Bio-Medical Equipment and Electronic Devices & Sensors in collaboration with local and international partners aiming to enable the nation technologically capable enough.


DMA provides turnkey solutions to solve real-time Hydro-logical solutions.DMA engineers, technicians, marketing professionals, and management personnel are trained in these fields of operation


DMA provides Meteorological System for Weather monitoring is providing sustainability in dealing with hazardous weather, meteorological monitoring, and prediction


DMA provides IT Cloud Servers with MIS support. DMA focuses on Cloud Cloud-based Center configuration, data processing, and establishing large-scale Open Stack databases in Bangladesh


We design and develop custom software services & applications for local and international markets for different verticals but not limited to transportation & management systems Automated Payment system


The software uses pattern and predictive algorithms in the field of Artificial Intelligence to analyze data to provide predictive solutions.


By using the advantages of the fusion of pattern analytics, AI, and machine learning with preset alert norms the system can help to predict the usage.


We design and develop Android and IOS mobile applications for business applications

Our Recent Products
Cashless Payment - Touch & Pay Dcard & Dpay in Bangladesh


DMA has designed & developed a Dcard or Dpay as Touch & Pay for consumers of Bangladesh where cashless transaction is possible over a simple plastic card (like an ID card) with NFC enabled features. The Dcard uses a simple Touch & Pay method, where consumer can pay any retail transaction without having cash in the pocket. The Dcard can do the transaction between your bKash, Nagod or any MFS or Bank (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) to pay the merchants with just a touch of a card.

If you want to use your smart Mobile phone then you can use the phone same way as Dcards. These enables all our consumers power of cashless transaction without having to have a Visa or Matercards or the fear of thefts or loosing cash.


Why we need cashless transaction in Bangladesh

KPMG and other studies found in Toll Benchmark Studies that toll authority losing millions annually in operating cash based toll gates, whereby repayment of loans becomes a big economics nightmare. The Daily Star and other media exposed stories of the embezzlement of Tk 11.93 lakh in three months early last year. The BBA officials through random scrutiny of toll records of January, February 2012 and December 2011 found the money missing. The money was siphoned off by hiding real data on the computers and duplication of money receipts.


With Partners


OEM contract with Microsoft Inc

DMA has signed a multi-year OEM contract with Microsoft Inc on May 7th 2018. Whereby, Microsoft Windows and Other products will be legally installed in all DMA computers, which includes the All-in-One, laptops, Thin Clients and other Hardware.


Contract with China Hainergy New Energy Corp

DMA has signed a multi-years contract with China Hainergy New Energy Corp. Limited and in support of Technology, Engineering and training for the HiTech Park assembly line at the Kaliakoir facility near Dhaka.

In factories

The head quarter is in Dhaka, but the manufacturing facility is in HiTech Park at Kaliakoir, which is located about 36 KM from Dhaka city. DataSoft Manufacturing and Assembling Inc. Ltd. (DMA) has established an innovative IT/ITES Digital Device Manufacturing industry for producing IOT enabled innovative digital circuits, along with a heterogeneous generic cloud server to manage and acquire real-time data from remote locations. Datasoft is working in Utilities areas, Agricultural field, Milking Cows & Buffaloes to monitor their heat along with other Bio-Medical Equipment to enable the IoT functions for Tele-Science, Water/Fluid management & Water Conservation system in introducing special Electronic Devices & Sensors by collaboration with local and international partners. Datasoft engineers is designing and developing with the aim to enable the local technologically capabilities, and to reduce over-dependence on the overseas market for IoT equipment and earn significant amount of foreign currency to accelerate the growth of the country.

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